Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I was first seen I came in with a great deal of low back pain and headaches. I had talked to a lot of people and I wanted to take the least invasive form of treatment first of going to an orthopedic doctor, or surgeon so I tried chiropractic first. In almost every situation it works relieving the pain & symptoms. Give it a try before you think about surgery or some other invasive method or maybe even drugs or medication.The staff is VERY friendly, VERY helpful and VERY quick to respond you're usually seen right away when you arrive.The pain is gone.I've had to seek no other treatment what so ever, no medications. Simply by maintaining maintenance visits here I am pain free.It worked! I have no more pain!"

 - Lenny F.

"I had an automobile accident, whiplash and also a sports injury (hip and back) since the 80's. I went to many doctors and they gave me medications which just made me drowsy. I have a busy lifestyle and that didn't work. It didn't really do anything other than make me drowsy. It was difficult. Then I found you guys! It was answer to prayer. Decompression helped. Now we got it down to just twice weekly with the therapeutic massages before the adjustment and that helps me maintain. It's excellent! I don't think I'd be in the shape I'm in. The decompression felt just like a minor stretching each time and sometimes it felt like it was a little more. I think it was graduated each time, the spinal decompression. It's not hard at all just lay there and get stretched a little bit. It helped the muscles and I believe it's helped me over all. The fact that you guys are spirit filled! You're excellent in everything that you do, your staff & you're professional! Actual genuine care! Every adjustment, the therapists, no matter who it is here you guys are fantastic! If all doctor's offices were like you...everybody would go!"

 - Donna G.


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