Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are fortunate we are a Wellness Office where people come in with good health.  Since we aren’t a “sick” care clinic, our advice is to keep getting adjusted to keep boosting your immune system!

Please Be Assured

We are taking every precaution to create a healthy and safe environment for our patients. Therefore, we have put the following protocols in place:

  1. Patients entering the office will be asked to immediately sanitize their hands.
  2. Pens will be kept behind the counter for sign-in, will be handed to each patient for sign in process then will be sanitized and placed back behind the counter for the next patient.
  3. A sign is posted for any patient to advise Dr. Canuel or Staff if they are/have experienced any of the COVID 19 symptoms within the last 14 days.
  4. All surfaces are sanitized prior to/after each individual patient’s treatment.
  5. Canuel and staff initiating treatment are wearing latex/powder free gloves.
  6. If any patient are/has experienced symptoms they will be provided gloves and or masks OR will be asked to reschedule their appointment pending on their individual symptoms/circumstances.
  7. We have sent communication to patients via email and social media to advise of office precautions.
  8. We are working on setting aside a “Senior Hour” in which any senior can call and schedule an appointment in that we may accommodate you even more effectively with individual appointment times.
  9. We would like to ask that any accompanying family member/friend that are/may have experienced any of the COVID 19 symptoms within the last 14 days are asked to wait for you either in the building lobby OR in their car.

If you have any concerns or any other recommendations please, let us know.

Yours in Health…..The Canuels